Our Staff

Rev. David B. Hays

Pastor Dave is an energetic, visionary, and gentle leader. His wife Robyn is also a pastor, and they have two children: Jocelyn (11) and Zachary (8).


Peggy Balcom, Secretary

Peggy is a caring soul, ready to respond to any need with a smile and with grace.  A retired social worker and proud grandma, she is the heart of every mission in our church! 


Jennifer Butler, Choir Director

Jennifer Butler has performed with and directed many choirs and solo musicians. She has the unique ability to bring out the best in everyone she works with.  Jenn is excited to be working with the choir here again and hopes to touch many people's hearts through music. 


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Pastoral Needs

When children are baptized, their parents profess a personal faith in Jesus Christ, and vow to raise their children in Christ's holy church.


Teenagers and adults are baptized when they are ready to profess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  Church members then faithfully participate in the ministries of the church by their prayers, their presence, their witness, their gifts, and their service.


Funeral services allow the family to celebrate the life of the one they love, and to proclaim their beloved's resurrection into heaven, through the grace of Jesus Christ.


Services may take place in the church, in a funeral home, by the graveside, or in any special place that has meaning for the family.


Marriage holds sacred meaning for people of faith who believe that God has brought them together, and that God has a place in their lives together.  In a marriage service, the couple offer their vows before God, and receive the blessing of God.


Weddings may take place either in the church or in a special location.  Our pastor will help you plan for the wedding you dream of, and will also provide counsel in the essentials of a committed, loving, and lasting married life.