We have an ongoing mission with the people of Banique, Haiti--which is located in the mountains of the poorest country on earth.

Food Pantry 

The Pulaski Community Cupboard is an outreach ministry of local churches working together to meet the needs of the hungry in our community.  Located at 12 Bridge St. in Pulaski, it is open on Monday from 9-11 and 3-5, Wednesday from 9-12, and Friday from 9-3.


Dress Our Children

Seamstresses within our church create shirts and dresses to clothe children in need, both in the third world and locally. 


Food Sense

The Food Sense Program is designed to help individuals stretch their food dollars.  The Food Bank on CNY is able to purchase food items in large quantities and this savings is passed on to the program’s customers.  Anyone can participate in this program.  There are no eligibility requirements.   

Free Food Distribution

The Food Bank of Central New York partners with local grocery stores, wholesalers and dairies to provide food to the community.  The rescued foods, produce, dairy, and breads are distributed on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Park Church.  Anyone can receive the free food; there are no eligibility requirements.  The doors open at 3:00 PM.  Volunteers to help with distribution are always welcome.  

Friendship Shop

The Friendship Shop is a thrift shop that is supported by donors and volunteers from many churches in both Sandy Creek and Pulaski.  The Friendship Shop is located on Rt. 11 in Sandy Creek, and is open Monday thru Friday from 9-4, and on Saturday from 9-1.



The annual CROP Walk (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) is held each year in the fall and involves any church in the area that wishes to participate.   The money raised is used by the Church World Service and the Catholic Relief Organization to provide food and essential items to people all over the world.  In addition, 25% of the funds raised is returned to our Food Pantry to be used locally.  In October of 2015 we raised a total of $4,528.00.