This Week's Teaching

A Question of Faith and Life: The congregation is embarking on “40
Days of Spiritual Life.” During this time, we are invited to focus on
our personal spiritual renewal, by spending time with Jesus in
prayer. Pastor Dave will be teaching a variety of ways to pray.

Scripture: Isaiah 65:17-25.

Summary: Pastor Dave describes the monastic practice of Divine
Reading (or “Lectio Divina”), and shows us exactly how to pray in
this way.

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Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

        This week we will explore a prayer practice known as Divine Reading (in Latin, “Lectio Divina”).  The idea is to read the scripture, listening for a word or phrase that stands out to you.  Read through the information in the provided “Prayer Practice Handbook” first.  There are four steps (again, with Latin names):


        1.  Lectio (read)—Read the scripture slowly.  Read it 3-4 times.  Consider reading it out loud to help slow the process and help you hear every word.  Listen for a particular word or phrase that speaks to you in your particular situation. 


        2.  Meditatio (meditate)—To “meditate” is to reflect prayerfully on what you have read.  Meditate on the particular word or phrase that resonated for you.  This is God’s “Word” for you.  Receive it as though it was written specifically for you.  To what might God be drawing your attention?  What might God be trying to say to you? 


        3.  Oratio (talk)—Talk to God.  Allow your prayer to emerge as a result of hearing God’s Word to you today.  Let the prayer be as interactive as possible.  Be honest, transparent, and real.  How are you really feeling about God’s invitation, and deep desire for your life?  After you’re finished talking, listen carefully for how God responds.  


        4.  Contemplatio (contemplate)—To “contemplate” is simply to rest with God.  You are in God’s presence; simply rest in it.   Allow the Holy Spirit to pray in you, through you, and for you.  Close with a simple “thank you.”


        Try this each day, using the readings suggested below.  I would encourage you to journal about your experience.


        Monday:  Isaiah 63:15-17.

        Tuesday:  Isaiah 65:1-3.

        Wednesday:   Isaiah 65:8-10.

        Thursday:  Isaiah 65:17-19.

        Friday:  Isaiah 65:22-25.

        Saturday:  Isaiah 66:1-2.

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